Leon Edgar (Oldbury)


Leon was born in the north of England town of Wigan but grew up mostly in Dorset.

He worked in television for many years as well as teaching in Information Technology, giving presentations all over the south of England and at Exhibitions.

He began writing scripts in the 60s but the break into literature came in the mid 80s when he compiled a short history booklet for a stately home. This had a wide distribution and it was suggested to him that he write a novel based upon the information he had researched.

This became "Plot", the story of a young man on the run from the King's Militia following the events of 5th November 1605. The saga continued with "Plot to War" and "Plot for a King"

In the late 80s, he also wrote a trilogy dealing with "King Arthur's Brood".

"Queen of the Persians" is the story of Biblical Queen Esther which took a considerable amount of research to reconcile the various conflicting stories of the time. He is currently working on the sequel - "Albion Gold".

"Escape Unto Death" was written as an 'add-on' to another trilogy, recently back in print, consisting of "Requiem for a Princess", "Checkmate for a Princess" and "Aftermath of a Princess", all originally written for the BBC who showed considerable interest until the financial cut-backs of the late 80s. This book details the final assignment of a British Government assassin during the Cold War.

The Andromeda series of sci-fi books starts just 25 years in the future and details the plans to reach other planets in our Solar System as well as the attempts to stop them. There are currently 5 books in this series with more to follow.

Marineris complements this series.

Although the books appear cross-genre, the reader will soon note that the characters are linked by family across history. The one outstanding theme that runs through them all is things are not always what they seem.